Hello folks!

Thanks for looking in.

A design enthusiast and professional with a design thinking approach adapting to the methodologies of Human Centered Design and UX design principles.

I come from an animation background, from animating 3d characters for mobile games to designing user interfaces for the same. Designing and animating product videos with the help of motion design techniques is still a part of my job.

A few years back i found myself indulging too much in building experiences for intangible products like websites and mobile apps, hybrid apps and that is what i have been doing so far along with my animation projects.

Interestingly i see myself spending a lot of time in researching and prototyping and would love to carry on building experiences in the future. I also see myself extending the possibilities of building experiences for tangible products, prototyping being my most favorite activity.


Note: Do not try to copy or save any of the images on this website as these are highly confidential and the sole purpose of this website is to enable people to watch and appreciate/criticize the images and send their valuable comments. None of the images are either for sale or publishing on other websites. Thank You!


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