Zombie Attacks – iOS












6 thoughts on “Zombie Attacks – iOS

    1. You are not allowed to use any of this material including images, videos, animations, etc as this is all copyrighted. Thanks for asking though.

  1. awesome work

    i am also working on a game which really need smooth animation with bone movement
    i came through your blog while searching for tool to smooth the animation like spine-http://esotericsoftware.com/

    did you also use same sort of tool or any other please share it’ll be a big help.


      1. So how did you managed to create such a smooth and cool spritesheet ?

        As I am facing lots of difficulties with this assignment and I am not able to achieved the required smoothness with photoshop…
        I am totally a newbie in the field of 2d game art…
        Is there some advice that you can give or links that can help me….

      2. If you are new to 2d then its going to take time for you. Its nothing but the years of experience that has made the work look good.

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