Warrior Prince

Warrior_Attack_1_Spritesheet3x3 Warrior_Attack_2_Spritesheet4x4 Warrior_Attack_3_Spritesheet5x4 Warrior_Attack_4_Spritesheet4x4 Warrior_Die_1_Spritesheet4x4 Warrior_Die_2_Spritesheet4x4 Warrior_Die_3_Spritesheet4x4 Warrior_Die_4_Spritesheet5x5 Warrior_Dodge_Spritesheet4x4 Warrior_Kick_Spritesheet4x3 Warrior_Knocked_Spritesheet3x3 Warrior_Lunge_Spritesheet4x3 Warrior_Walk_Spritesheet4x4 Warrior_Win_Spritesheet3x3


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