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A general animation test


Heres another piece of animation! I have been participating in 11secondclub.com monthly character animation competition and this would be my 3rd entry 🙂

Hey folks! I participated in this months 11seconclub monthly character animation competition. Here is the preview 🙂

Some acting test of a 4 second dialogue. Just a playblast. More to come soon..

The Magical Cosmos is finally here to glitter you all! 😀

Here is an ambitious and overwhelmed Oldy to surprise all with his flaunting moves. Be ready to watch him 😉

This is yet another short film that we made for adasport.com as a part of our contract. This film took very long to finish as there were many issues I faced personally as well as a part of a team. But we did escape through it and we finally completed a story written by Lyle Drucker and myself. Unfortunately adasport has stopped the online show from their business and there will be no more competitions held online. This film was announced in late February 2010, but as i said before there were too many issues, and took so long to finish. The character was finalized and the animation was done in a months time. It took another month to render 720HD 😉 😛 Then we had to decide over the Vfx and the post production part of it. It was successfully done by Rohit in a short span.

But apart from all this we hope you all like this clip 🙂

Again Thanks for spending time at my blog.


Sumedh A D

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The Magical Cosmos – coming soon..

Hello everyone, friends, animation lovers and my blog fans,

Its some serious work time for us now as we are coming up with another short for ADA – This time not for kids 😛 But a different story altogether, having a professional script, a good animator and a VFX artist. This will take not more than a month to complete.

Cheers. 😀

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Some Comments Please!!

hello there!!

anyone and everyone watching this blog for any purpose, please comment and put forward your reviews as it will help me improve a lot in my work and approach towards it. I’ve just started posting some of my old and new work in here so all comments are accepted here. Please feel free to comment. There is lots more to come aboard!!

thanks, 🙂